What is the size of your playmats?
Our playmats are 14" x 24" x 1/16" thick. Perfect thickness for rolling or folding and roomy enough for all your cards.

What is not allowed to be printed on a playmat?
Please do not upload anything that contains material which defames or vilifies any person, people, races, religion or religious group and is obscene, pornographic, indecent, harassing, threatening, harmful, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, abusive, inflammatory or otherwise objectionable.

What are you playmats made of?
The top of our playmats are 100% polyester and the bottom is rubber.  They are comparable to a mouse pad.

What payment methods do you accept?
We currently accept Paypal only.

What is the turnaround time?
We strive to ship your mat within 3 business days. Orders with custom editing can take up to 4 days. Sometimes there are delays. Because we deal with custom orders, printing can take longer if there are many orders placed on the same day.

Bulk orders take longer depending on the amount.  Our 25 mat bulk order special can take between 5 business days before it is shipped.  If you need your mats for a certain date, make sure that you compensate for this wait and allow the week that it takes for your shipment to arrive.  Also, if you need the mats by a certain date, please let us know in the special instructions section of the upload form. 

How do I track my order?
You will be emailed tracking information once your order ships if you ordered domestically.

International orders get tracking information, as well, but once the shipment moves out of the United States, there are no more updates.  International shipping times can vary between taking 2 to 5 weeks.

I'm worried that my upload didn't go through and I will be sent a blank mat!!!
Do not worry!  If we notice that something is not right with your upload or image, we will email you and double check. 

I totally spilled Dr Pepper all over my mat, now what?
Not a problem, all our mats are machine washable. Use the delicate or hand wash cycle with a little bit of laundry soap in your washing machine.  Lay flat to dry.

My mat smells like rubber, what can I do?
You have a few ways to help the smell fade.

1) Give it time--After a week or two, the smell typically goes away on its own.

2) Let it breath--keep your playmat unrolled on a flat surface for a few days.

3) Air it out--Hang your playmat up.  Drape it over a chair back, hang it on a hanger or a clothes line for a day.

4) Wash it--our mats are machine washable.  Using the delicate or hand wash cycle with a little bit of laundry soap in your washing machine works well.  Lay flat to dry.

Do you ship outside the US?
Yes! Please note, you are responsible for any fees, duties, or taxes that may be charged by your country’s customs department.

Custom Card Sleeves

How long does it take to make your card sleeves order?
The process time for any card sleeves order is 5-10 business days. This is due to the lengthy process of making the custom card sleeves. So please be patience with us.

Refund or Exchange Policies

All sales are final since the products are custom items. However if the items is damaged upon received, please email us at along with pictures of the damaged item for further assistance.